Logging in to moodle

Two Moodle installations operate in the school: these moodle installations are intended for two different groups of students. Our School moodle installation supports face-to-face courses within the School of Computer Science. Our APEcs moodle installation supports distance learning courses for external students across the world.

Each moodle installation authenticates students differently and therefore requires a different username and password combination. Please also note that these moodle installation are located on different servers. They therefore have different web addresses so make sure that you don't try to access the wrong moodle server by mistake as your username and password won't work!

To find out what your username and password should be and what the web address to moodle should be for you, please select the link to the appropriate page below.


Login boxIf your username and password do not appear to work please ensure you check the following:

If you are sure you correctly know your username, but have forgotten your password, select the "Yes, help me log in" option below the login form to receive advice on how to obtain a new password or a reminder of your existing password.