Welcome to the getting started with moodle help pages.

These help pages are intended to provide new moodle users with just enough information to log in and start using moodle, and are therefore located outside the full moodle environment. Once inside moodle new users are directed to the Student Guide course which contains a series of documents covering each major tool or moodle feature. The moodle environment is fairly intuitive and confident computer users may wish to dive straight in and begin using it.

The menu to the left contains links information to help you begin using moodle straight away. Select the Quick start guide for a short overview of how to start using moodle right away. For the interested reader, there is also additional information about moodle which covers what moodle is; why use it; and who else uses it.


Who are these help pages for?

These help pages are intended for students within the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester; part-time Computer Science and Bioinformatics students studying via distance learning programs. To cover all the intended audience, when writing these help pages it is assumed that previous experience of using computers and web applications varies from limited experience to a great deal of experience. More computer savvy students may therefore feel confident enough to skim through these pages quickly and dive straight in.