Courses and resources

The screen layout of a course site is highly customisable, which often means there is no typical course layout. In particular, side-blocks can be added or removed by course site designers. However, site designers will aim to stick to a standard selection of side-blocks and lay them out in a consistent way to help make each course site easier to use and minimise confusion between different sites.

An example of a possible course layout is illustrated below. This course is called "Student Guide to Using Moodle" and contains further information about the various features within moodle and how to use them as a student. The large main content area always contains your course resources, and in this example course site, these resources consist of a set of help books and web pages. Note also the location of the course navigation breadcrumb trail, and the logout link which are both discussed later in these help pages.

Example course siteResources, tools and activities always appear as web links in the main content area. Selecting one of these resource links will move you further into the moodle site. To return to the main course site page, select the short name for the course in the course navigation breadcrumb trail - the short name is typically the course code or title. This is always the second element in the link trail.