Additional information

The following help pages provide a general overview of a number of general moodle concepts. These are:

Reading through these pages may help you to familiarise and understand the moodle environment quicker. For example, moodle offers a few different mechanisms for navigating around a course site and an overview of some of these is given here. A problem often cited by new moodle users is that they find the screen rather busy, primarily due to the moodle feature of side blocks on both sides of the screen. The side-blocks often contain quick access links to moodle resources or features. Making good use of these is just part of the process of orientation yourself with moodle. The side blocks information pages aims to highlight some of the more useful side blocks. Course access rights is largely a problem for course administrators than students. However, this is discussed briefly here to help you understand some of the messages that moodle may present you with from time-to-time.