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Bioinformatics Online Modular Degree Programme

Research and literature projects in computational biology

You should expect the project to be an exciting culmination of your Masters programme, which will give you the opportunity to work on a current research topic at the life science/computer science interface. The project can lead to new job opportunities in bioinformatics, or to further study at PhD level. Please look through the outlines below for examples of some of the many applications of bioinformatics.

Current MSc projects include :

  • Modelling the response of the human macrophage to Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Scoring co-precipitating proteins
There are links below to more detailed information on completed bioinformatics projects. There is a list of recent poster presentations here, and examples of published research projects are given on the Publications page.

The time allowed for the literature project is 26 weeks and for the research project is 52 weeks. Each project will be supervised by a member of staff from the University of Manchester.

Examples of completed research projects

Next Generation Sequence data for projects in genomics

Identification of differential transcription in Drosophila embryos from tiling microarray data

Dynamic networks

On Risk Stratification Strategies in Intensive Care Medicine

Modified Pathways: Integration of manually curated pathways and high throughput protein phosphorylation data

Protein interaction networks related to differences in infection susceptibility in Trypanosoma congolense infected mice

Genomic analysis of Streptococcus pneumoniae

Crops for semi-arid areas

Projects in oncology bioinformatics